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When you need a dental crown in the Phoenix area, look no further than Biltmore Commons Dental Care. With our in-depth dental crown process, we’ll have you enjoying your new beautiful smile in no time. Call our office today at (602) 249-2227 to request an appointment.

What Is a Dental Crown?

Teeth are often restored using silver or porcelain fillings. When a large portion of the tooth must be removed for a filling, dental crowns, sometimes called “caps” may also be needed. A dental crown replaces the outermost layer of the tooth, reconstructing the tooth’s natural shape and size. This covering is permanently bonded over the existing tooth, restoring the appearance and function of the natural tooth. A dental crown can be also used to:

  • Protect a weak tooth from fracturing.
  • Restore fractured teeth.

Our Dental Crown Process

Crowns generally require at least two office visits for a proper fitting. Our team will discuss the overall process with you during the first visit so you know exactly what to expect throughout the procedure. Before creating your dental crown, we’ll need to numb the gums and teeth that are surrounding the area to be repaired. If you’ve had a root canal treatment on this specific tooth, it’s unnecessary to give you an anesthetic.

Shape Your Tooth

Phoenix Dental Crowns

All crowns need to attain a certain measure of thickness in order to provide initial strength and a realistic translucency for porcelain crowns. During this process, our dentist will:

  • Trim the tooth by about ⅙ of an inch, which is the minimal thickness typically allowed.
  • Remove decay or any other part of the tooth that isn’t sound.
  • Trim the tooth to a specific shape for comfort and normality inside your mouth.
  • Taper the damaged tooth slightly so the dental crown fits tightly with ease.
  • Secure the crown with dental cement.

Make an Impression

If you decide to use a formed conventional dental impression, you have a few options while you wait for the lab to construct the crown. Temporary dental crowns are available and encouraged throughout the duration of this process. Alongside avoiding further concerns, this option can be installed and removed quickly and painlessly. Once we complete the shaping process, we’ll need to make an impression of your mouth. We can do this in two different ways:

Custom Dental Crown in Phoenix

Conventional Dental Impressions

  • Use putty or paste residue that dries in the form of your mouth.
  • Send the impression to a dental laboratory to create a plaster cast.
  • This process takes about 1 – 2 weeks.

Optical Dental Impressions

  • These are created using a CAD/CAM milling machine.
  • Through this specialized photography, optical impressions of your mouth are created.
  • A specialist will then design the shape of the new crown.
  • With this process, the dental crown can be implemented in one visit.

Select the Right Shade

The last step of the manufacturing process includes selecting the shade of the porcelain surface. We don’t rush this step as it’s important that the new dental crown matches the remainder of your mouth. We use a tooth color guide that enables us to visually select the right color match. The plaster cast is not ordered until we’re satisfied with the color choice.

Enjoy Your New Tooth

If you choose the conventional method, you’ll need to schedule your second appointment for installation. Once you return, we’ll remove any temporary fixes and then numb the area based on your specific pain tolerance. The evaluation process regarding the appearance and fit of your new dental crown can be extensive as your satisfaction is very important to us. Once we’re content with the fit, we’ll go over a few precautionary measures and send you on your way!

Professional Dental Crowns in Phoenix

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