Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

When you have a flawed tooth that doesn’t require an invasive dental procedure, choose Biltmore Commons Dental Care for painless and affordable cosmetic tooth bonding. Since 2006, we’ve been providing comprehensive dental care to the residents of Phoenix and beyond. Talk with our friendly staff today to request an appointment. Call our office at (602) 249-2227.

What Is Cosmetic Bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is a quick, painless, and affordable service to repair aesthetically flawed teeth. A composite material is applied and sculpted to look, act, and feel like a natural tooth, without removing any of the existing tooth structure. It is also a less expensive solution than porcelain veneers or dental crowns. The length of the procedure can vary, but the use of an anesthetic typically is not necessary. Cosmetic bonding can be used for:

  • Gaps between teeth that need corrected
  • Chipped or slightly cracked teeth

How Does Cosmetic Bonding Work?

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding in Phoenix
  • An etching solution is added to your teeth in order to formulate minimal crevices in your mouth’s enamel structure.
  • The crevice provides a rough surface which allows for strong cosmetic bonding when the resin is applied to your tooth.
  • The resin comes in many shades so that we can match it to your natural teeth.
  • When the resin is placed onto your tooth, our dentists use a high-intensity light in order to cure the resin and reform the tooth’s surface.
  • Each layer only takes a few minutes to harden inside your mouth.
  • Once we apply the last coat of resin, we sculpt and polish the bonded material to fit your teeth.

Wide Range of Dental Services

Along with our safe, effective cavity fillings, we make it convenient and easy for you to make Biltmore Commons your family dentist with our wide range of dental services:

Experience Immediate Results

Due to the layers involved, this procedure will take slightly longer than traditional silver fillings because multiple layers of the bonding material are applied. Typically, bonding takes one to two hours depending on your particular case. The results are immediate, and they typically last between three and five years.

New Patient? We’re Accepting!

As a patient of Biltmore Commons, you will experience a professional, friendly atmosphere, along with gentle, compassionate dental care. When you experience an unexpected tooth emergency, call our office immediately. We provide emergency services for all residents in the Phoenix and surrounding areas.

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Choose Biltmore Commons for Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

Along with our efficient cosmetic bonding services, we provide a wide range of dental care options such as dental crowns, dental implants, and general family dentistry. Call our Phoenix office today at (602) 249-2227 to request an appointment. We serve Uptown, Midtown, Downtown, Arcadia, Moon Valley, Paradise Valley, Glendale, Scottsdale, and all surrounding areas.

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