We all know dental hygiene is very important, but oftentimes many of us fail to take proper teeth cleaning measures into account. Brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash on a regular basis can certainly go a long way towards keeping your teeth and gums healthy, but this will be much less the case if you are not using the proper equipment. A common question that dentists in Phoenix get asked by their patients is in regards to the type of toothbrush they should be using. Is an electric toothbrush really worth it? What kind of bristles should you look for? Automatic models do have advantages, but it is important to remember that nothing will get your teeth cleaner than the right technique; teeth whitening necessitate a comprehensive effort. Remember to thoroughly scrub those pearly whites for at least two minutes. Ideally, you will want to do so in a circular motion to ensure all of the food and plaque have been addressed. Be sure to floss between all the crevices and follow up with mouthwash to eliminate germs. In regards to choosing the best toothbrush, here is some advice to keep in mind.

How to choose the perfect toothbrush

  • Soft bristles work better than hard ones at removing plaque
  • The size of the toothbrush head matters as well
  • Automated versions can be more comfortable, but you do not need one

When it comes to choosing the right toothbrush, the rule of thumb to remember is that every person’s mouth is different. What works for someone else may not work for you, so the best thing to do is experiment. In general, brushes with softer bristles do a much better job at cleaning than their hard-bristled counterparts. This is due to the greater flexibility and range of motion that is allowed; cleaning hard to reach spaces like the molars is made much easier with a brush that is equipped with these types of bristles. Also, the latter is safer for your mouth as well. Gums are very sensitive and can be injured when sharp or jagged bristles come into contact with them. Cheaper toothbrushes tend to consist of these kinds, so it is in your best interest to spend a little more money on a quality product. In addition to the type of bristles, the size of the toothbrush itself is important. A smaller head is recommended for cleaning all areas of the mouth, as is a brush that is angled. Many manufacturers design their brushes to be oral-friendly for this reason. A straight toothbrush is limited in its ability to adequately clean the mouth. Reputable dentists in Phoenix will tell you that an automated toothbrush is not always the best choice. These models can become very expensive, as the features will vary. If you have children or are lack the manual dexterity to thoroughly clean your mouth, an automated brush may be the best option. For most people, however, a manual toothbrush will be more than sufficient, so long as you remember the steps to proper teeth whitening.