Do you have cracked, chipped, or broken teeth that leave you feeling embarrassed about showing off your smile? Or do you have tooth sensitivity or exposed roots? Then you need to consider your options to get the full potential out of your smile, in order to gain a happier and healthier smile.


There are a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures available to help you improve your smile, and dental bonding is a very popular and effective treatment option for several reasons, including:

  • Quick and easy to do
  • In-office one-time treatment option
  • Less expensive than other treatment alternatives
  • No anesthesia required in most cases

Cosmetic dental bonding, which is a procedure that utilizes a tooth-colored resin that is a durable plastic, is used to repair or improve teeth for a number of dental ailments, such as:

  • The repair of cracked or chipped teeth
  • The improvement of discolored teeth
  • The repair of large gaps between teeth
  • The improvement of the shape of teeth
  • The repair of cavities and decayed teeth
  • The protection of the root of teeth


One of the reasons dental tooth bonding is such a popular and convenient option to repair or improve the appearance of teeth is that it is a relatively fast procedure that does not require a lot of preparation prior to the procedure. In order to ensure that the cosmetic bonding process appears as natural as possible, your dentist will utilize a shade guide in order to match the composite resin color to the color of your natural teeth. To ensure that the bonding material will correctly adhere to the natural tooth surface, the treatment areas will be roughened and prepared for adhesion. The bonding material, which has a putty-like consistency, is subsequently applied, molded and shaped into the desired tooth shape. Once shaped, the material will be hardened with the use of a laser or ultraviolet light to ensure it does not break. Following hardening, your dentist will polish the bonded teeth to perfectly match the appearance of your natural teeth.


1. It corrects many cosmetic dental problems: Broken, cracked, chipped, discolored, decayed, misshaped or gapped teeth.
2. It is a quick and easy procedure: no anesthesia, 30 minutes to an hour treatment that can be completed in one appointment.
3. It entails easy repairs: additional repairs or improvements are easily made to bonded teeth by returning for another quick and easy procedure with no hassle.
4. The ongoing care is simple: Just like real teeth, the care is as easy as practicing good oral hygiene and protecting teeth from contact with hard objects to prevent cracking or chipping.
5. It is an inexpensive option: when compared to others cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as veneers or crowns, dental bonding is a more cost effective option for many patients, since the dental procedure is completed in-office during one visit. Patients are often unfamiliar with how simple and painless the cosmetic bonding procedure is, and how beneficial it can be to improving the appearance of teeth. Instead of holding off on improving teeth due to concerns of an invasive or expensive procedure, dental bonding should be considered as a viable option to improve your smile, as it may be the best all-around option for your dental health. Contact our experienced and helpful dental team to schedule your appointment to learn more about cosmetic dental bonding.