There is absolutely no denying that a celebrity smile is often more perfect than any that we have seen before. That being said, what is the secret and the science behind these megawatt smiles? Simple, cosmetic dentistry. Taking a look at celebrities like Tom Cruise, in his early years in movies like Legend and Top Gun, this majorly hunky celebrity had a smile that was far from perfect. Look back at movies like Risky Business, his smile was straighter, brighter, and more perfect than ever, leading to the perfect smile that we all know and love today. How do you achieve Tom Cruise teeth? Tom underwent a series of cosmetic procedures that are very common in the celebrity world to give celebs a smile that is going to rock the socks off of fans. Though a Tom Cruise smile may not be possible for everyone, there are certainly a few different procedures that you can choose from that may make a difference in your own smile. Tom Cruise and other celebrities often start of their careers with smiles that are less than perfect. After a successful movie or two they come back with smiles that are to die for. Looking at pictures from Tom’s early career, it is obvious that he had some straightening, whitening, and even capping and implants to get the perfect smile. Tom’s teeth now appear larger and more symmetrical, a sign of either caps, veneers, or implants. Often celebrities get caps and veneers, which are porcelain laid over their own teeth to give the appearance of a perfect smile without the extra cost of braces, implants, and major dental surgery.


A veneer is a very common item that is used to give the appearance of a whiter, straighter, and more perfect smile. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or tooth-like material that are glued or affixed permanently to the existing tooth to help perfect the smile. Other celebrities like Hillary Duff of the hit TV series Lizzie McGuire also opted for dental work that made her smile something to envy. Veneers can be very effective and can even be less expensive than other options that you may be thinking of making them a great choice for a wide range of people. Veneers can also help make teeth that may appear too small fit the face and look wonderful overall.


Caps are much like veneers save for the fact that the shape of the tooth is going to be changed when the cap is placed. The tooth is often filed down to a smaller, more manageable shape and the cap is then affixed over top. This may seem like a terrifying prospect, but it is much less painful than implants and braces and is much faster. Caps can be done in one visit and can help customers leave with a perfect smile.


Implants are a solution that is often reserved for those that have problems with the bone structure of the mouth and therefore need teeth to be placed in a new location. In this method, the natural teeth are surgically removed and a metal post is driven into the jaw bone. After this surgery heels, the implant is placed on the post and your smile is as close to perfect as you could ever want it. This is a procedure that will have a bit more pain but much more dramatic and satisfying results, that is why someone with Tom Cruise tooth structure is likely not going to need this extensive surgery. No matter what celebrities do to make their teeth perfect, there is no denying that they are doing it right. With the right doctor and the right procedure anyone can have a celebrity smile in no time. Any of the methods mentioned here can help you get a perfect smile like Tom Cruise, you just have to know what procedure is going to work best for you and for your own teeth.