We all want to be seen with a clean smile!  Our smile says a lot about us and we always want to give the people we meet our best and brightest! What we don’t always realize is that our tongue plays a big part in our overall oral health and keeping our mouth in good shape, not to mention maintaining good breath.


Our tongue acts as a trap for all the bacteria that enters our mouth on a daily basis.  It’s no surprise then that all that bacteria builds up over time. This can cause the awkward bad breath for many, and more importantly can cause a number of health issues as well. Tongue care is just as important as brushing Phoenix dental tongue care tipsteeth and flossing regularly.  It should be treated as the final step in preparing a mouth in the morning and evening. One of the best ways to ensure good care for your tongue is to invest in a tongue scraper. This is an inexpensive device made to scrape and clear all that bacteria from your tongue. It does not necessarily have to be done everyday but can be used when you see that coating of bacteria building up. Scraping of the tongue is recommended by your local dentist for good dental and oral care. We have long been told to brush our tongue while brushing our teeth, which is better than doing nothing at all, but a tongue scraper is much more efficient and less painful than rough bristles. Many toothbrush models today incorporate a tongue scraper into the design. Top off your daily routine of oral care with a good mouthwash and suddenly going out into the world with clean healthy breath has never been easier.


It’s interesting to note that the tongue helps to reveal what’s inside of you. Doctors and dentists can look at different parts of the tongue and each part will tell them about a certain condition. For example, the tip of the tongue is known to tell about the condition of the heart and the lungs. The sides of the tongue can reveal something about the condition of the liver and kidneys, and the middle section of the tongue can tell about the stomach. The back of the tongue can reveal the condition of the bowels. Who knew that by looking at the tongue, professionals in the medical, dental and oral care field can diagnose medical conditions and diseases. This information suddenly makes our tongue a lot more important than it used to Tongue care tips Phoenix dentistrybe.  Maybe this new information can remind us of how important it is that we include tongue care in our daily oral hygiene regiment. Normally, our tongues should always be a healthy pink and moist. Discoloration can signal some health problems and should be further investigated. Coatings on our tongue can also tell a story of oral and body health. Dry, coated, inflamed or discolored tongues can be trying to tell us that we may have a serious illness. For example, a white coating on the tongue can be a sign of dehydration. All in all, keeping an eye on our tongue health and taking the time to include it in our normal routine of oral care can be very beneficial to our overall health. As always, should you have oral issues or concerns with your mouth or your tongue, learn more about your problems in our Dental FAQs section, and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dentists today. They are always your best source of advice concerning your oral health. Now that you are following these simple tongue care tips, go out and show the world that great smile!