An appointment at the dentist just got a lot easier and more comfortable with the CEREC machine. CEREC is an acronym that stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic. The latest in cosmetic dental technology, this machine acts as a restoration tool. It allows your dentist to restore your decayed teeth, remove any and all defective amalgam fillings, place new dental crowns, or even place porcelain dental veneers. The convenience lies in the fact that all of these procedures can now be done much more easily and comfortably in just one appointment. A CEREC procedure requires less drilling, less time and even fewer injections. CEREC is made of a tooth-colored ceramic or porcelain that looks just like your natural teeth and will replace all fillings. This natural looking material has such a positive impact on your smile, not only because it matches the identical color of your teeth, but offers much more protection for your teeth from breakage and temperature changes. Take a look below at the typical CEREC procedure to see how simplified fixing your smile has really become:


Your dentist will examine your teeth and will start prepping your teeth by removing any and all tooth decay after he decides on the preparation method he will use.


An optical impression or picture is then made of the tooth that has been prepared. CEREC is a two part system that consists of a computer CAD program that will use 3D images of your tooth to design you a new crown.


Your dentist will now use the CEREC machine to design and create whatever is needed. The machine can create tooth fillings, crowns or veneers right in the office. Once your dentist has used the CEREC machine to design your crown or veneer, which usually only takes a few minutes, the information is then sent to the milling machine which will create your crown or veneer out of a single block of dental porcelain. It is created with exact and minute detail. The result is a crown or veneer that fits well and matches your natural tooth enamel in texture, hardness and appearance. This process also only takes a few minutes and your crown or veneer is then ready for placement and polish during your same dental appointment. By seeing a dentist that uses CEREC technology you can bypass the cost and extra time that is normally required with impressions, temporary crowns and lab downtime. The short procedure and the fact that no temporary veneers or crowns are needed are only two of the advantages of CEREC. Other advantages to choosing CEREC is that your dentist is in control from start to finish and you need only one anesthetic injection. With CEREC dental technology available at Biltmore Commons Dental Care it is easier than ever before to achieve that smile you’ve always wanted. Talk to one of our experienced and helpful dental professionals about CEREC and learn more about your dental options during your next dental checkup appointment.