A smile is worth a thousand words, and having the best smile you possibly can makes a difference in the way you look and feel. There are many cosmetic dentistry procedures that correct small imperfections or large reconstructive work. You may be going through a situation where you want your teeth straightened. A cosmetic dentist can accomplish all of these procedures to help you make over your smile. What are some of the procedures available through cosmetic dentistry?


One of the most popular procedures is straightening the teeth. Although metal braces used to be the only solution for orthodontia, there are a number of corrective procedures available that allow the teeth to be straightened while continuing everyday activities. For individuals who are in the public eye, this is a good solution. Having a good Phoenix Invisalign dentist is the key.


The Invisalign procedure is a set of corrective clear braces that are shaped for your teeth and come off when you eat. You wear them throughout the day. As your teeth are becoming straightened, the trays are continuously reshaped to control the shifting and movement. It is an unnoticeable fit. They help promote oral hygiene and you can brush and floss at your convenience. Maintaining the aligners are easy, as you are able to rinse and brush on your own.


Sparkly white teeth are always an attractive look. Teeth whitening can help those people who have discolored teeth, giving them a bright white smile. Teeth become discolored over time for a number of reasons, including age, the types of foods and drinks you consume, and general use. This procedure is often done on celebrities and individuals who are in the public eye, but the benefits extend to everyone. Teeth whitening builds confidence and self-assurance because there’s nothing more beautiful than a great smile.


Porcelain veneers are an alternative for those individuals who have spaces or gaps, severe discoloration or uneven teeth and they want a picture-perfect look. Veneers are one of the best solutions for correcting those types of flaws, providing a natural look. Veneers cover the front of the teeth and are customized for the person. It is a three-step process, but the results will look and feel like your natural teeth. When properly cared for, they last for about ten years.


Cosmetic bonding is a lot like porcelain veneers, but is faster and more affordable. The results are immediate, and they usually last between three to five years. In this process, a resin is bonded to your teeth under a high-intensity light to reform your teeth. The layer takes a few minutes to harden and your teeth are all whitened to the same color. The resin used comes in a number of shades to match the exact color of your teeth. The entire process takes about one to two hours.


Dental implants are used when teeth are missing and replacements are needed. You are able to chew and digest food better when you have teeth, but teeth also help the jaw bone stay intact. Dental implants help improve your smile, but also act as an anchor. They should be maintained like regular teeth. This is an alternative solution for those individuals who do not wish to wear dentures or bridges. The implant helps other teeth from shifting and keeps your facial structure intact.


When a large portion of the teeth are damaged, there are instances where a cap must be used to fix those teeth. A cap or crown, reconstructs the tooth, mirroring its natural shape and size. This procedure requires numbing of the gums and teeth. This procedure can help cover implants, discolored teeth, protect weak teeth and attach bridges. The tooth will be trimmed and any decay from the previous tooth will be removed. The entire process takes about one to two weeks after impressions of your mouth are taken. The color of the porcelain will match the rest of your teeth, and there may be a few visits before the entire process is complete.


Dentures are another cosmetic procedure that replaces your teeth in the event they have to be extracted or are lost. Dentures are false teeth that correct facial structure, the limitations that may occur when attempting to eat certain foods, and the gaps or spaces that are there from missing teeth. Dentures can be removed at the individual’s leisure. Being fitted for dentures is a process where all of the teeth are removed, and a model of the jaw will be created for the gums to heal and prepare for the permanent dentures. These are just some of the more popular cosmetic dental procedures that occur to help provide bright, beautiful smiles. If you’re looking for a way to perk up your spring, consulting a cosmetic dentist for any of these procedures can make a tremendous difference in the rest of your year!