One of the biggest advantages to having Invisalign retainers is that you can take them out to eat and drink. Most adults enjoy this aspect while on their quest to a straighter and better smile. Still, caring for your retainers is just as important as caring for your permanent teeth. Without conscientious care, Invisalign retainers can begin to discolor, smell bad, and host an array of germs and bacteria. At Biltmore Commons Dental Care, we take pride in helping people achieve the smile they’ve always wanted, but that doesn’t mean the care stops once patients leave our office. So, we’ve taken some time to put together a guide on how to care for your Invisalign retainers at home.

How to Care for Your Invisalign Retainers


Caring for your retainers when you’re at home is rather simple. Before you eat, make sure you take them out and and rinse them thoroughly. Rinsing them any time you take them out of your mouth helps wash away any bacteria and plaque that’s built up. It also rinses away any saliva that could eat away at the retainer and leave tiny pockets for plaque and bacteria to grow.

When it comes to proper cleaning, Invisalign offers specialized crystals that help clean your retainers, keeping them clear so they remain invisible while you wear them. You can also help keep them clean by brushing them once or twice a week with a gentle, clear, anti-bacterial soap. A gentle scrub will ensure you remove any remaining plaque that could eat away at the surface of your teeth.

There are some cleaning tools and techniques you’ll want to stay away from in order for your retainers to be effective. Avoid using normal toothpaste, as this can cause a dull sheen on your retainers or discolor them altogether. They’ll become noticeable if this happens. You should also avoid drinking coffee, tea, and soda while you wear Invisalign. It’s best to stick with water if you’re thirsty and don’t want to remove them every time you take a sip.


Invisalign is extremely beneficial since you can remove them and choose when you want to wear them. However, this can make caring for them while you travel a bit more tricky than regular wire braces. It’s easy to misplace them, forget them at the restaurant, or leave them in another country altogether.

When traveling with your Invisalign retainers, make sure you always keep your storage case nearby and place them in the case any time you’re not wearing them. You should also keep a supply of retainers with you. Generally, three pairs of retainers is suitable and should get you through the duration of your vacation. If you lose the pair you’re currently wearing, pop in the next step pair and be on your way.

Being on vacation means your normal daily habits may go to the wayside. However, try your best to keep up with your normal oral care as you would at home. This will ensure you don’t miss soaking your Invisalign, or miss out on brushing food and plaque from the inside. This will keep your mouth clean and ensure your retainers remain crystal clear.


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