Halloween is a time of joy, fun, and as most kids know, candy. That being said, parents have a unique job to do when Halloween finally rolls around. The key is finding a balance between letting your kids eat all the candy they can handle, and helping them to regulate their intake to keep their teeth healthy and strong through all the sugar. Here are five halloween dental tips to keeping your children’s, or maybe your own, teeth clean and healthy this Halloween season.


Though it may be tempting to keep your kids from eating any candy at all this Halloween, you should not deny your children the uniquely thrilling experience of getting their candy and eating it too. Instead, try letting them pick out the candies they love the best and get rid of the rest. This will allow them to get some candy and get to eat it without letting them eat too much. Try letting your kids pick out a number of treats and then quietly get rid of the rest or store them for later. It is far more helpful to do this than to deny them completely as kids will always find a way to the candy.


You can also set a certain time of day that is reserved for snacking on their candy. This is a great way to help them find out about moderation as well as a wonderful way to let them know that some snacking isn’t bad. This can also spread to every day snacking and treat eating as well. Try setting aside an hour or half an hour where they can eat a few treats so that you this time will not only become special, but that they will also not gorge themselves on candy.


It is crucial that when you get in from trick or treating you do not neglect your nightly tooth brushing schedule. Make sure your kiddos brush and floss like any other day as this will help them keep up a great tooth care routine that will spread into adulthood. This will help keep their teeth clean and healthy. You can also get disclosing tablets or solutions that will show you problem areas that need a little more special attention during this time of year or any time really. These tablets help to color the plaque so you can see what areas are not being brushed properly and what areas need a little TLC.


One of the hardest things for parents to do is make brushing seem less like a chore and more like a fun time. Try getting your kids new toothbrushes that they choose every few months, let them pick out their own tooth paste flavors and colors, and make sure you are allowing your kids a chance to express themselves and have fun with brushing so that they are not bored with experience and get tired of doing it.  You can also get timers that play music, have effects and lights, and that help to make brushing seem like less of a chore and more of a fun filled activity.


Though many parents do not like to reward children for doing things that are expected of them it does not hurt to recognize when a good job is being done. When your kids brush for the allotted amount of time, have a clear mouth despite use of disclosing solutions, when they elect to take less treats, praise them a little. Let them know that you see they are making good choices and that you as their parent are proud of the choices that they have made. Letting your little one know they are doing a good job is just one way that you can encourage these good behaviors and keep them going.


Keeping kid’s teeth clean this Halloween is not a chore that should be left unattended. With careful attention, a few helpful tips, and a few fun tricks you can keep your kids cavity free even if they do enjoy a candy bar or two. These are all halloween dental tips that are meant to help so experiment and see what works for you.