Your teeth are often one of your best assets when it comes to both your overall appearance and overall health. Keeping your teeth healthy can be difficult but with the right diet for healthy teeth and gums, you can have the strong and beautiful teeth you have always dreamed of. Knowing how to tweak your diet to best benefit your teeth is just one way to make sure your teeth are all they can be.



We all know how great leafy greens like kale, spinach, and broccoli raab are for our bodies but they are also great for your teeth. Leafy greens are high in calcium and folic acid as well as vitamin B. Calcium promotes bone health and can also promote gum health and the health and maintenance of your enamel. Your enamel is the first and last line of defense that your teeth have against the foods that you eat and against cavities. Folic acid has been known to treat gum disease in pregnant women for some time and it also helps to promote healthy gums. Gums are the foundation upon which your oral health rests, healthy gums means that your teeth are going to be healthier and that they are going to stay healthier as well. Leafy greens are easy to add into fruit smoothies and onto things like salads and pizza.


Everyone knows how great dairy is for your bones and it is also great for your teeth. On top of keeping your jaw bones and your actual teeth healthy and strong, the calcium in dairy can also help to keep your enamel strong and can promote enamel health overall as well. Though nothing can really regrow enamel per se, calcium can keep your enamel strong so that you lose less of it when you eat and live your life. Dairy is also great for healthy gums as it is high in protein and can help to promote the overall health and strength of your gums. Your gums help to keep your teeth in place and help to protect them when you eat so having healthy gums is a must. Things like cheese, yogurt, and milk are great for your gum and tooth health. Dairy promotes healthy teeth in kids and in adults and may help with the development of strong adult teeth in children that have not yet lost their baby teeth.


An apple a day keeps the Dr. away, it also keeps the dentist at bay as well. Apples are sort of like nature’s tooth brush, they help to remove build up and they also help to produce saliva in the mouth which can wash away bacteria and debris from other foods. The fibrous meat of an apple works as a brush of sorts as it does help to remove surface grime from the teeth. Apples are also a great stress reliever as the action of chewing one can help reduce your stress through repetitive motion. The fibrous meat of the apple also helps to stimulate the blood flow to the gums which promotes gum health and really helps to keep your gums healthy. Your gums should be a bright pink or medium red shade which reflects the blood that circulates there keeping both your teeth alive and keeping the roots of your teeth healthy. Eating an apple can help to stimulate blood flow and can also help keep things like tartar off your teeth until you get a chance to brush them with a toothbrush and toothpaste.


Almonds are also a surprising food that is great for your teeth. Healthy fats have been known to promote bone and gum health and they are also great for hair, skin and nails. Almonds are full of healthy fats and can help keep your teeth healthy. On top of that, almonds are also high in calcium and protein while being low in sugar which is great for teeth. Protein can help promote the health of your gums while calcium helps to promote the health of your jaw bones, your teeth, and your enamel. Almonds are also fibrous which helps to remove surface grime and build up on the teeth if you do not have the chance to brush. Almonds are a great alternative to sweet snacks and they can also help keep you full making them an ideal snack if you are looking to cut calories and cut out mindless snacking. Your teeth are critical to your overall health and poor dental and gum health have even been linked to heart disease. Taking the time to find foods that are good for your tooth and oral health paired with a good routine may make for a much easier time when taking care of your teeth. Avoiding things that are very acidic is also a great way to keep your enamel healthy and keep your teeth looking and feeling great.