Are Your Teeth Shifting? Here’s What to Do.

There’s no better feeling than the removal of your braces. So, it can be alarming when you begin to notice your teeth shifting months or even years later. However, you shouldn’t panic, as teeth shifting after braces is common, and stressing about the matter won’t fix anything. The initial process of straightening your teeth was painful, expensive, and lengthy, which can make you feel like it was all for nothing when your teeth begin to shift. But that’s not necessarily the case, and your team at Biltmore Commons Dental Care is here to advise you. Here is what you need to know about shifting teeth.

Are Your Teeth Shifting? Here's What to Do.

Why are my teeth shifting?

Teeth shift for various reasons, which can make it difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. With constant chewing, clenching, smiling, and talking, pressure distribution isn’t always even. This uneven distribution of pressure can lead to uneven wear patterns on your teeth and leave you with a noticeable difference in your smile’s straightness. Grinding your teeth at night can also lead to shifting. If you suspect that you grind your teeth, a mouthguard might be the best possible solution to prevent further damage, but won’t be the best fix for shifting teeth.  

How to prevent teeth from shifting.

Prevention is key when it comes to protecting your smile and keeping your teeth in place. No matter how many years have gone by since your braces were removed, your teeth can continually shift. That’s why you must obey the rules for your retainer and wear it properly and at the recommended times. For many adults, wearing their retainers at night while they sleep is the best. Yet, others still rely on theirs for daily wear. If you’re not sure, always consult with your dentist or orthodontist.

It’s not uncommon for some adults to forget to wear their retainer regularly or stop using it altogether. They may feel they don’t need it and that they’re teeth are in their permanent positions. However, that’s necessarily true. At the first sign of shifting, you should be concerned and call your doctor right away. Your dentist or orthodontist will have the best course of treatment, and you should never try to correct your teeth on your own with an old retainer you haven’t worn in months or years. 

Stay committed to your smile.

You should always stay committed to your dental care. Regular visits with your dentist will ensure that your teeth are in good shape and healthy for years to come. These visits can also catch any possible damage that’s occurring and quickly fix the issue. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day and floss regularly to keep your pearly whites happy! If you suspect that your retainer isn’t doing its job, then bring up your concerns with your dentist so he or she can get a new one made. Keeping your retainer fresh will also ensure that your teeth stay put. 

Let us straighten your teeth.

Everyone wants a beautiful, straight smile! So, whether you’ve had braces before or you’re experiencing this process for the first time, Biltmore Commons Dental Care is here for you. We use Invisalign orthodontics, which means you can straighten your teeth with invisible, removable retainers rather than wires and brackets. We also offer teeth whitening, periodontal treatment, and restorative dentistry. If you’re in the Phoenix area and are looking for a reliable dentist that offers these services, then give us a call at (602) 249-2227 or schedule an appointment online.