Are Electric Toothbrushes Better? Brushing your teeth is a necessary part of every day. We brush for a variety of reasons, to help whiten, to remove food and plaque, and to help reduce smell and dental disease. That being said, the brush we choose has a great impact on how clean our teeth are and how much good our brushing is really doing. For most people, a manual tooth brush does the job, but for some, an electric is the way to go. Knowing some benefits of an electric brush and having some real world examples can help you decide if an electric brush or a manual brush is better.  


There are a few instances in which an electric brush is far better than a manual and we are going to discuss two. The first is with crowded teeth. Those that have teeth that are very crowded, even overcrowded, can benefit highly from an electric brush. Electric brushes move faster which means that they have the ability to remove more plaque in less time. They also have the ability to get into the tight spaces between crowded teeth which means for an overcrowded mouth, they are going to clean better. Another instance in which electric brushes are better is with children. Kids are notorious for brushing as little as they can so every second that the brush is in their mouths is important. This means that it is also important to maximize the amount of work that is being done when the teeth are being brushed. Electric brushes make brushing for kids easier and faster.


There is something to be said for a manual brush, however. In some cases, it is not beneficial to have an electric brush. A good example is with any sort of orthodontic fixtures, like braces. Braces and other dental work can become damaged by electric brushes and can end up being less effective if the brush damages them. In these cases, it is best to have a manual brush on hand so that you can slowly and surely brush and take care of your teeth and dental work without taking the risk of damaging it with an electric brush. Manual brushes are great if you want to be sure you are getting your mouth clean but want to keep your dental work safe. Still another time in which a manual brush is better is for those that have sensitive teeth. If you have a tooth that is aching, dentin that is exposed, a nerve that is exposed, or you are waiting to have dental work done, a gentler manual brush may be better for cleaning than an electric brush. Manual brushes allow you the chance to alter the pressure that you are brushing with and give a bit more control so that you can still clean your teeth while waiting for dental work but so that you do not have to worry about hurting your teeth further with an electric brush.   No matter what type of brush you use, proper dental care is also essential. Biltmore Commons Dental Care offers a wide range of options for those that need dental care. If you are in need of dental work, contact them today for an appointment.