7 Things to Know Before Choosing Invisalign

Invisalign has emerged as the best alternative to wire braces. These clear trays are made from medical grade thermoplastic and are designed to shift your teeth in stages. They’re a convenient and often more comfortable option, especially for adults who don’t want metal in their mouths. Still, before we start with this teeth-straightening option, there are some things your team at Biltmore Commons Dental Care wants you to know.

7 Things to Know Before Choosing Invisalign

1. Invisalign Requires Dedication

Choosing the route of clear retainers for straighter teeth is a wise choice, but it does require some dedication and discipline. If you want to see the results you’re after, then you must remember to wear your trays every day for about 22 hours a day. The only time you should remove them is to eat and to brush your teeth. 

2. Avoid Sugary, Colored, Acidic Drinks

This even means giving up coffee, especially if you drink with your retainers in. Colored beverages can discolor the trays, and sugar can linger behind the trays and eat away at your teeth. When wearing your retainers, it’s always best to stick with water. 

3. Skip the Lipstick

It can be embarrassing to get lipstick on your teeth, but it can be equally embarrassing when you get lipstick on your Invisalign retainers. What’s worse, your trays will retain the color, and you could be left with discolored trays for the remainder of that stage of your treatment. If you need hydration for your lips, it’s best to stick with non-colored chapstick. 

4. Be Patient

While the goal is to see straighter teeth within a few weeks, you may not begin to see results as soon as you’d like. However, it’s important to remain patient and remember that teeth straightening depends on the complexity of the misalignment. You should continue to follow the routine your dental professional has set for you, and eventually, you’ll see the results. 

5. No Pain, No Gain

No orthodontic treatment will be pain-free. You shouldn’t be surprised if your teeth feel more sensitive or painful as your trays realign them to their correct positions. You may even find it difficult to remove your trays, as they are designed to fit snuggly to your teeth. As your gums stretch and shift with your teeth, you should expect some discomfort. However, an over-the-counter pain medication can alleviate this minor pain. 

6. Invisalign Can Affect Your Speech

Just like metal braces, Invisalign retainers can take some getting used to. In the beginning, you may feel like you have a lisp or that you can’t move your mouth to form words as well as you’re accustomed to. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your trays or your treatment plan. If anything, talking a bit differently is expected, especially if you’ve never worn a clear retainer. 

7. Invisalign Is for All Ages

No matter your age, Invisalign can be an excellent alternative to braces. Kids, teens, adults, and seniors can all enjoy the benefits that come with removable retainers that produce the smile they are after. With a proper plan and oversight from our team, you can be well on your way to a straighter smile.

Let’s Get You Started

Whether you’ve had braces in the past or you want to correct a crooked smile you’ve had for years, Invisalign is the perfect option. Many people don’t want metal braces, which is why our dental team at Biltmore Commons Dental Care offers this service to our patients. We also provide residents throughout Phoenix, AZ, with general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and professional teeth whitening services. To schedule an appointment, call our office today at (602) 249-2227.