Not every toothpaste is equal. It’s easy to get caught up toothpaste shopping when you are looking for a bunch of specific qualities, from whitening to anti-plaque to breath freshening, etc., especially when so many brands claim to be the one brand that is the expert in one area. However, for most of us, the decision is made pretty quickly, since the options are endless. When it comes to not-so-common issues, though, the choices are immediately slashed. From canker-sore-prone mouths to gum disease issues, below is a list of specialty toothpastes to look out for.


Many people are prone to painful canker sores. What those people do not often know, however, is that the super-common foaming agent sodium lauryl sulfate (and its chemical cousins) found within most toothpaste is a powerful irritant to canker sore-prone mouths. Even when one isn’t present in the mouth, canker sores begin below the surface. An acidic foaming agent tends to pull it out. When one is present, sodium lauryl sulfate tends to spread it. A life-saver? A toothpaste without the chemical such as Tom’s of Maine Clean & Gentle Care Toothpaste. The foaming is less present, so it takes some getting used to, but the results are relieving.


Dry mouth can be genetic or can happen as the side effect of many medications, antibiotics and cancer treatments. It can be painful and awkward, sometimes with bleeding, causing it to be uncomfortable keeping teeth clean. A gentle, sodium lauryl sulfate-free toothpaste with antibacterial properties is another reliever. Biotene Dry Mouth Toothpaste and Gel is a huge help to dry mouth sufferers.


Also associated with pain, periodontal disease is hand-in-hand with gingivitis, sensitivity and a long list of other mouth issues. A toothpaste specially formulated to fight all of the above, while remaining gentle, is the best option for keeping your teeth clean with as little discomfort as possible. PerioTherapy Toothpaste, with Zinc, Oxygen and Xylitol, is a solid choice while taking care of this issue.


Many instances have come to light recently that show that flouride may have health risks. While we’re not sure if this is completely true, flouride-free toothpastes are an increasingly popular option. Some people may find it irritating, which is reason enough to make the switch. Recommended toothpastes are any from Tom’s of Maine, Trader Joe’s brand, and Theodent toothpaste, which contains an extract of cocoa that helps activate the flouride-alternative compound, Rennou.


Surprisingly, it is difficult to find toothpaste in a standard drug store that does not contain even a trace of mint or menthol. Even some cinnamon toothpastes tend to have traces of at least one of those ingredients, especially menthol. For those who haven’t found an option yet, Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste in Ginger does not contain any mint or menthol. It is formulated with baking soda and tea tree oil’s natural anti-septic properties. For more information regarding which toothpaste is right for your dental needs, ask us during your next dental checkup and make your dental exam appointment today.