We all know that brushing and flossing our teeth is our best defense against gum disease and tooth decay, but how many of us actually floss daily like we are supposed to? For those of us who get lazy about flossing, the water pik, which is a water flossing device, is an alternative tool that is helping win the war against tooth decay and gum disease. Let us see how a water pik, or water pick as it is also referred to, can be beneficial to our oral health.

Water flossing devices use the power of water pressure to loosen and remove food particles and all that nasty bacteria from our mouths. This water pressure can be more effective in removing particles and bacteria from hard to reach places between teeth and gums, such as between braces and in deep periodontal pockets. Sometimes our brushes and our floss just can’t get into those areas.

Water piks win when compared to standard flossing in removing what is called biofilm. Biofilm is like a coating of super plaque that causes tooth decay. It is very tough to clean and very hard to strip away. Brushing alone is not always effective at stripping it away. But the water pik’s pulsating, pressurized jets of water create a gentle brushing and probing action that blast biofilm off our teeth and eliminates embedded tartar and plaque. The water flossers use rapid blasts of compression and decompression to accomplish this.

Studies have proven that water piks are very effective at controlling gingivitis, which is an inflammation of the gums that can cause a more serious gum disease in our mouths. You can use water flossing devices to treat gingivitis, but you should always consult and make an appointment with your local family dentist in Phoenix, should you ever notice any kind of inflammation in your gums.

Let’s face it, flossing is not a very popular personal care activity and many of us put it off due to time constraints or just plain laziness. Industry studies have revealed that, especially in children and young adults with braces, the water flossing method is preferred over standard flossing. Experts say that only 13.5 percent of Americans claim that they floss on a daily basis, so any sort of instrument, like the water pik, that can increase our chances of being on top of our complete oral health is great. Water flossing devices increase our likelihood of flossing, which means less gum disease and less tooth decay in our mouths.

Although there are varied opinions about whether or not a water flossing device should totally replace traditional flossing, your trusted Phoenix family dentist is the professional that should be consulted with these questions. Some dentists believe that flossing is still the best defense, especially when patients need to get in-between teeth that are fit tightly together or crowded.  Other dental experts feel that water cannot penetrate as effectively as traditional flossing in such areas. Whether it be good old fashioned flossing or using a water flossing device, the one thing that is certain is that taking good care of your teeth by brushing, flossing, and seeing your local Phoenix dentist twice a year for regular check ups and cleanings, is always your best defense for good oral health. Just remember, if oral hygiene is lax, the cost of our dental care rises in the future. Keep your smile looking great by using the best tools available and visiting your local family dentist in Phoenix on a regular basis!