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Is teeth bleaching safe?

Yes, teeth whitening by bleaching is a safe, effective and relatively easy way of producing a whiter smile. We offer several options for whitening your teeth.

In-office bleaching

A bleaching solution is applied to your teeth and is activated by heat and light. This in-office procedure typically lasts a half hour to one hour and significantly whitens teeth after just one visit. Although difficult-to-lighten stains may require another visit, results generally last for years and can be maintained with regular dental hygiene and regular visits to the dentists.

At-home bleaching

During a visit to your dentist, you will be given a whitening gel and fitted with a custom-made whitening tray. Once you return home, you apply the gel to the tray and wear it for two to three hours per day for two or three weeks.

Even with today’s advanced whitening techniques, not everyone’s teeth will whiten with the same results. During the visit with one of our dentists, your situation will be carefully evaluated and you will be advised accordingly.

To learn more about this procedure visit our Teeth Whitening Service page.