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How to Avoid Dental Problems in the New Year

dental problems
It’s the new year, and it’s a great time to create new habits. For most, basic dental hygiene is taught from an early age. This isn’t surprising, as dental hygiene is incredibly important. Your teeth serve a lot of purposes. Your ability to brush, floss, and use mouth wash can...

Find the Time: Best Time to Brush Your Teeth

dental problems
Most people brush their teeth in the morning. Then, they brush again before bed. Understandably, the two-per-day brushing method works. Figuring out the best time to brush teeth, however, is a little more complicated. A lot of people choose these times out of convenience—not...

What to Eat After Tooth Extraction: 10 Soft Foods to Stock up On

what to eat after tooth extraction
All dental surgeries tend to create a painful recovery and a tooth extraction is no exception. To assist you in the days following the procedure, we created this thorough list of what to eat after tooth extraction. If you follow proper mouth care by eating the right foods and...

Causes and Preventions of Tooth Sensitivity

what causes sensitive teeth
What Are the Main Causes and Preventions of Sensitive Teeth? Almost 40 million people in the United States alone experience the pain of sensitive teeth. The symptoms of sensitive teeth can make enjoying certain foods and drinks almost impossible. So, what causes tooth...

Gingivitis: What Causes Gum Disease?

gum disease
Most people know exactly how to prevent cavities. However, the gums are often neglected even by people who would never forget to brush. You can only prevent gingivitis by knowing exactly what causes gum disease. If you’re already showing signs, take the right action to stop...